Brave Girl, Quiet Girl by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Release Date - May 19, 2020

Single mom Brooke is back living with her mom and dealing with her mom's non-stop criticism. Nothing Brooke does is good enough. She doesn't spend enough time with her two-year-old daughter Etta. She's too busy working. She has a junker car.

Fed up, Brooke decides to take Etta to the movies for the evening. Once again, her mom has something negative to say and pushes Brooke to at least take her newer luxury sedan since she's going out after dark.

On the way back home, Brooke and Etta are the victims of a carjacking. Brooke is pulled from her mom's car, and Etta remains in in the car in her car seat. Police are called and a desperate race to find Etta begins.

In another neighborhood, Etta's found by a homeless teen. Molly learns of some homeless teen's plans to hold Etta for ransom, so she does everything she can to keep the toddler safe. If she can just make it through the night, she'll be able to get someone to call police for help.

The only criticism I have is that the story started so well and then came off as a little rushed. There's a lot covered in terms of homelessness, single moms, LGBTQ, and foster care. I wish some of those aspects had been fleshed out a little more. At times, it just seemed like things were too quickly wrapped up.

I fell in love with Catherine Ryan Hyde's writing back when Pay It Forward came out. I've read many books since and have enjoyed each one. Brave Girl, Quiet Girl takes a look at the plight of homeless teenagers and the struggles of a single mom. I enjoyed watching Molly and Brooke connect and start to build a tentative relationship. Did I ever like Brooke's mom? No. She was a despicable person from the start and didn't learn much at all.


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