The Closer You Get by Mary Torjussen

Release Date - April 21, 2020

Ruby is crazy about her boss, and he's equally crazy about her. They make a plan to tell their spouses they're leaving. They're going to start a new life together. Ruby packs her important belongings, tells her husband it's over, and heads to their meeting point. Harry never shows up.

The weekend passes and Ruby still hasn't heard a word from Harry. She has no home to go to for now, so she heads to work Monday morning to see what's going on. There, she learns her job has been terminated. Harry and his wife are off on vacation to celebrate his wife's pregnancy. Ruby's heartbroken and alone.

Ruby has two choices, start a life on her own or return to her verbally abusive husband. She cannot handle more years of being criticized and controlled. She manages to find a small apartment and starts a job search. Before long, she realizes that someone is following her. Someone is sending her cryptic notes attached to photos of herself in different situations. She has no idea who is doing it or why, but she's clearly being targeted by someone who has no intentions of letting her start anew.

I never found the mystery regarding who Ruby's stalker was to be difficult to solve. It's kind of clear throughout the story. I hoped for a twist, but it never happened. It's exactly who I pegged it was from the start.

The story is told mostly from Ruby's point-of-view, though Harry's wife takes a more prominent role in the second half of the book. I actually liked her character more for the most part.

The Closer You Get was a fast read. I started it and read it the same day as I wanted to see how everything played out. While the ending was predictable, I still found it to be very entertaining. 


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