Hide Away by Jason Pinter

Release Date - March 1, 2020

Rachel Marin ran from her former life for reasons only she knows. Her new life in Illinois has her working hard and keeping her children safe. This single mom is probably as tough as they come, and very few know her real story.

When the mayor turns up dead, Rachel knows it's not the suicide others believed. She's going to prove it. The two detectives on the case are not thrilled with the novice sleuth and wonder if she may know it was a murder because she was involved. Rachel has to stay two steps ahead if she's going to solve the crime, keep her children safe, and prove her innocence.

While I found Hide Away to be hard to put down, I also wondered very often why a mother whose children were her main concern kept putting herself in harm's way. It seemed a little unbelievable that given all her kids had experienced that she'd constantly be late to return home. The "mom" in me didn't believe that would happen. If my kids and I had experienced all they did, there's no way I'd be leaving them with one nanny after the next.

In the end, I liked the pacing and mystery aspect, but I struggled with the main character. I didn't love her and felt she made some horrible judgment calls. I did, however, adore the two key detectives and hope that the series focuses equally on them. I want to see more of them.


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