April Harlequin Blog Tour

April's highlighted Harlequin romances are all delightful. I'm not sure I could pick one favorite out of the three. All were equally engaging and left me feeling so satisfied.

Melissa Senate's Wyoming Special Delivery is the second book in the Dawson Family Ranch series. Jilted bride Daisy Dawson never expected to go into labor after the baby's father fails to show for their wedding. She's lucky Harrison McCord drove past and helped delivery her son. What she doesn't know is that this guest is at the Dawson Family Ranch with news that the Dawson's will not appreciate.

The setting in this story was only part of the reason I loved it. I sympathized with Harrison, but I could also see the Dawson's point of view. It's easy to feel for both sides. While the reader knows from the start how things could easily be resolved, you get to watch Daisy and Harrison's relationship build and evolve. I loved it.

In Brenda Jackson's Seduced by a Steele, Mercury Steele is furious when he sees his stolen Corvette ahead of him in traffic. He calls police while following the thief. He never expects that the "thief" actually purchased the car and is in a tough situation. Sloan Donahue left her family home after refusing to bow to her parents' demands that she marry the son of family friends. She refuses to marry a man she doesn't love and who admits if they marry, he will have a mistress on the side.

When Mercury gets to experience her father's controlling behavior first-hand, he knows he will do whatever it takes to help her. This bachelor has no intention on falling in love, but his heart seems to have other ideas.

While I did have a few issues with some of the things Sloan's dad did, I still loved this story. I couldn't imagine a man being able to manipulate others so easily. Despite that, the flames between these two are obvious from the start. If you want a heated romance, read this one.

Growing up without a family, Milly is taken by her half-sister even if that half-sister treats her horribly. Her sister, Brooke, is a celebrity who uses Milly to get away from the paparazzi from time to time. This time, plans go awry when the car they're in crashes. The driver and Brooke die, but Milly was dressed in her sister's clothing and jewelry, so the hospital staff mistake her for Brooke. She comes out of her coma more than a  year later with no idea of who she is. She has a husband who clearly doesn't seem to like her, a lavish lifestyle, and not a single memory regarding her past.

Amnesia story lines were so overdone in the past that I never look forward to them. That said, this one worked for me. I really enjoyed seeing Milly cautiously embrace the unfamiliar lifestyle. I loved seeing Lorenzo fall in love with the woman he thinks is his wife but really isn't.


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