The Sea Glass Cottage - RaeAnne Thayne

Release Date - March 17, 2020

If you missed the release of The Sea Glass Cottage yesterday, you need to take a closer look at this touching contemporary romance. Thanks to HQN Books for inviting me to be part of their blog tour. I've been a fan of Ms. Thayne's for a while, and this is one of her best.

After her mother is injured in a fall, Olivia Harper opts to head back home to a place she thought she'd never see again. The timing is right as she's just experienced an event that's left her shaken. Her teenage niece is not pleased to see her. Her best friend is, however, and her friend's brother is also back in town and sparking age-old flames. She returns determined to keep the true reason for her sudden return secret.

Olivia is not the only one hiding something. Her mom knows something that she hasn't revealed to her daughter or niece. While it's something they should know, she doesn't have the heart to tell them. Olivia's niece was raised by her grandmother after her mother overdosed. Caitlin is also hiding a very big secret, and it's one that could threaten their family structure.

Here's what Ms. Thayne offered as insight into the origins of this novel.

"What made you write this story? (The story behind the story)"

That’s a very long “story behind the story”! My husband of 34 years was adopted at birth to a
wonderful loving family and never knew anything about his birth parents. He was never really
interested, though I always wondered. He took a DNA test a few years ago before going in for a
major surgery, just out of curiosity so our kids could know something about his ethnic heritage,
and was astonished a few months later when results from came in linking him to
several close relatives on his maternal side. He wasn’t going to do anything about it but through
a very strange sequence of events, he eventually connected with three half-brothers, an aunt
and several uncles (including one who has been our neighbor and friend for more than twenty
years without either us knowing the connection!). Unfortunately, my husband’s birth mother died
several years ago so he never had the chance to meet her but my husband now has a
wonderful relationship with his brothers, who have embraced and welcomed him. I have heard
of these kind of stories before and after living through the amazing results from a simple DNA
test, I wanted to write about someone trying to trace her father. That’s one of the underlying
subplots to The Sea Glass Cottage.

The Sea Glass Cottage is told from three perspectives and each one is endearing. You'll get to know the secrets pretty early on, so you have that advanced knowledge. I admit I teared up multiple times. I adored the characters, the beach setting, and the blossoming friendships and romances. This is a book I can see myself reading again and again when it needed something uplifting and emotional.


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