Safe House by Jo Jakeman

Release Date - March 10, 2020

Charlie Miller is new to town. She hopes the decaying beach cottage she's purchased will give her a new start. You see, she used to be known as Steffi and is fresh out of prison where she's served her time after providing a false alibi for the love of her life.

Despite her new name, new look, and new home, she has the feeling that someone is lurking in the woods. Someone is determined to make sure she's not allowed to start fresh and have her happily ever after.

The very first chapter begins with a woman's death and the police detectives saying they should have done more. That sets the stage for the novel that is told when Charlie is Steffi and after the release from prison. There is a good deal of creepiness, mainly due to the area and the unusual townspeople who Charlie befriends, but it is developed slowly in such a way that you do keep guessing. Is someone really after Charlie or is all in her head? lf someone is after her, how did they find her when so many precautions were taken to keep her new identity secret?

I enjoyed Safe House. I did have issues with how everything played out. Without giving spoilers, I just felt that there were so many other ways Charlie's past and present could have collided. In the end it felt rushed and unsatisfying.


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