The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

Release Date - February 18, 2020

Part of me found The Sun Down Motel to be a very sad story. It's also pretty haunting and held my interest from the start.

On her way to New York City, Viv Delaney is dropped off in the remote town of Fell. She's ready for something bigger and better than the left she left behind, but money is an issue. She takes a job as the night desk clerk at a seedy little motel in Fell. Little does she know that the Sun Down Motel will change her life.

After her mother's death, Carly Kirk feels lost. She's also always been curious as to what happened to her Aunt Viv. She never knew her and the family rarely talked about her. All that's known is that Viv disappeared from her shift at the Sun Down Motel and was never seen of or heard from again. Carly's going to travel to Fell and see if she can't uncover the truth.

In Fell, Carly finds herself landing the exact same job Viv held. It's the same shift, too. Soon, she realizes that this motel has one hell of a story to tell and the secrets could help her solve Viv's disappearance if they don't claim Carly first.

At heart, The Sun Down Motel is a solid mix of ghost story and mystery. It's told by both Viv and Carly. Viv's story is set in the 1980s when she moved to Fell and took the job. Carly is present day. Chapters switch back and forth and tell the story in a seamless manner that leaves you on the edge of your seat.

As the story is revealed, I found myself sad for the women. You'll see what I mean. I did, however, love how it resolved even if there was one part of the story I felt was unnecessary to the plot. I read this one in one sitting and highly recommend it.


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