Foul is Fair by Hannah Capin

Release Date - February 18, 2020

Foul is Fair is a violent, honest, and very, very satisfying revenge tale. I will warn that rape, rape culture, and murderous revenge are some of the themes you'll come across.

Along with her friends, Jade is one of her school's elite. On her 16th birthday, the Los Angeles teen is attacked by a group of golden boys from St. Andrew's Prep. She will not let the brutal assault tear her down. She's going to reestablish herself and get revenge.

This means Jade switches school and enters St. Andrew's Prep with the goal of taking down those boys and their circle. They may be the golden boys, but they're human and just as capable as suffering as Jade was the night they assaulted her.

This isn't my typical read, but I am so glad I gave it a try. The writing is brutally honest. Imagine being 16 and raped by a group with far too much power. The desire to get even in just as brutal a manner is understandable. I cheered her on as she built and enacted her plan.

I get that some may be turned off by the topic of rape and murder, but it's real. While it may not be socially accepted, it's a real emotion. I recommend it for the brutal reality that some who are raped don't want to stay silent. An eye for an eye and all... and that's what makes this story so addicting.


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