Been There, Married That by Gigi Levangie

Release Date - February 11, 2020

One thing is certain of Been There, Married That. The "husband" in this book is an obnoxious turd. I couldn't stand his character, which is probably for the best given that I found very little to connect to when it came to Agnes Murphy Nash.

Agnes (Aggie if you will) is married to a powerful producer and has her own career as an author. She has bundles of friends, a gorgeous house with more than a dozen bathrooms, and a lifestyle that most would kill to have. Her daughter is not as easy to please, but then she's nearing her pre-teen years. After arriving home one day, she finds herself locked out of their estate. Worse, she's hit with a taser when she tries to enter anyway. Her husband has decided he wants a divorce.

With her credit cards all frozen, a daughter who seems to hate her, and a husband who is busy sleeping but not "sleeping" with the household manager, Aggie isn't sure what to do. One thing is for certain, with her sister's help, she's not just going to sit back and let him take what he wants. She'll fight him until the bitter end.

Trevor is scum. I cannot believe how easily manipulated people were by this scum. It was clear from the start that he had no interest in his daughter. He didn't seem to have interest in anything besides himself. Given that, I had a clear path for Aggie to take when enacting her revenge, except she never seemed to take that route. Her sister was far more up for the type of punishment I felt he deserved.

I think that was my issue. I liked Aggie's sister better. Aggie spent so much time moaning about poor pitiful, pre-menopausal her that I never connected with her. I had to keep reading hoping that the revenge I'd plotted would happen. Otherwise, I would have given up after a few chapters. It ended up being a story that was just not my cup of tea.


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