An Optimist's Guide to Letting Go by Amy E. Reichart

Release Date - May 18, 2018

This is another book I struggled to get into. I'm glad I tried again. It was a lovely read that was ideal for a cold, dreary winter's day.

Gina Zoberski is a struggling single mom. Her husband and true love died two years ago, and she has a hard time moving on. Her teen daughter's becoming moody and difficult to be around. Her mother is demanding and almost insulting at times. It's her food truck, "Grilled G's," and her clientele that keep her sane.

Gina's sister doesn't have any easier a time with her mom than Gina does. Regardless, Gina stops by to check on her mom and finds her on the floor following a stroke. While searching for the paperwork the hospital needs, she comes across a shocking secret that has the power to change the sisters' lives.

An Optimist's Guide to Letting Go was a tearjerker. Gina's easy to connect with. Her mother bugged me, so I could understand exactly why her Gina and her sister weren't thrilled. That aspect fit the story well. As the characters grew, I found myself rooting for all four of them.

This is a feel-good story about a semi-dysfunctional family who has to figure out a way to keep going after a health scare. Read it. It's got a touch of romance with several characters as you work your way from Gina's point of view to her mom's and back.


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