An Everyday Hero by Laura Trentham

Release Date - February 4, 2020

Book covers sometimes catch my eye and draw me in. That's exactly what happened with An Everyday Hero. The title didn't do much for me, but that cover most certainly did. Then, I read the blurb and knew it sounded like it would be a book that tugs at the heartstrings. Laura Trentham doesn't ever disappoint when it comes to hitting the emotions.

Greer Hadley's returned to Madison, Tennessee, a little shaken. Her career as a Nashville songwriter didn't hit the mark she'd hoped. Her romance is over. Plus, she's gotten herself into a bit of a situation that's going to require her to perform community service for a bit. Her community service puts her into the tough position of helping others through music at Music Tree Foundation. Her first troubled souls are a teen and a wounded veteran.

The vet, Emmett, is a former classmate who was injured in battle and doesn't seem himself as the man he once was. Greer can deal with him. It's the troubled teen that's a little harder to handle. Ally's mom is an addict and her military father was killed overseas just four months ago. Green and Ally share a passion in songwriting that may be exactly what's needed to help reach Ally.

Greer's in a new position of being a counselor through her passion for music. It seems a little odd to her given her own life being a mess, but she has no choice. It may also change her life as she, Emmett, and Ally start to bond in ways she'd never imagine.

Greer's snarky responses to Ally's temperamental outbursts was comedy gold. I found myself snickering more than once. I also loved the progression of the feelings between Emmett and Greer. I wanted them to find that happily ever and couldn't stop reading until I knew how it would turn out. This book was delightful and exactly the change of pace I needed.

If you read the first book in the Heart of a Hero series, this really doesn't carry on the former book. It's new and stands on its own very well. It's the hero in all of the characters that makes this a stellar addition to the series.


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