When We Were Vikings by Andrew David MacDonald

Release Date - January 28, 2020

Zelda and her older brother, Gert, have been a team for years. Since their mother died from cancer, Gert's done all he can to keep his sister, a young disabled woman, with him. Their abusive uncle was not good enough. Zelda (fetal alcohol syndrome) is charming and follows Gert's rules. There is no smoking in the house. People must take their shoes off when they enter. Smiles mean thank you and fist bumps are a sign that you've earned Zelda's respect.

Her fascination with all things Viking helps with Zelda's strength and courage. When she comes to realize that Gert may be in over his head. She's determined to come to his rescue, even if he doesn't realize he needs her help.

When We Were Vikings is such an enjoyable read. Zelda's charming and witty. Her brother is a little more naive, but I get why he makes some of the choices he does. I just wish he'd thought it through a little better. I loved their support system of Gert's girlfriend, Zelda's counselors and friends, and people they meet along the way.

While Zelda can seem innocent, there's also that part of her that longs to be an adult and do adult things. This can be a little odd to read about, but it's honest. That honesty is part of what kept me hooked.


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