The Look-Alike by Erica Spindler

Release Date - January 28, 2020

I admit that Erica Spindler's new novel kept me on my toes. As some have said my reviews tend to be short and cut to the chase, I'm going to try a new structure and see what readers think.

In The Look-Alike, a young woman stumbles upon a murder victim while returning to her dorm after her study group meets. It shakes her enough that she can't help but wonder since the victim was dressed similarly if she was the target. Her overly protective father is one thing, but her mother suffers from mental illness and is convinced the woman was the true target. They decide to send the young woman to England to live with her grandmother.

Fast forward 10 years. Sienna is back. She's ready to start a new life and reunite with her mom and half-brother. Shortly after she returns, she learns the police reopened the investigation into the campus murder. Eerie phone calls begin. Someone has been watching and waiting, and she has no idea or why. Worse, she fears she might suffer from the same condition her mother does.

The Key Players

Sienna Scott is the leading lady. She's an accomplished chef and ready to open a restaurant in her hometown. She moves back in with her mom when she arrives in town.

Viv Scott is her mother. She suffers from delusions and prefers to remain homebound with curtains closed and doors and windows locked.

Bradley Scott is Sienna's half brother. He's a business owner and clearly hides secrets from his sister. He is both happy and unhappy to have her back.

Randall Clark was the campus police officer who found Sienna. He's since taken a job with the town's police force. He's one of the few people Sienna trusts from the night she found the body.

Chief Fred Thompson is still the chief and was one of Sienna's dad's closest friends. He's reopened the case when a possible new lead appears.

Jonathan Hart is Viv's neighbor. He's just bought the house and is planning to renovate and sell it. He takes an interest in Sienna from the moment they meet.

My Take

I did have it narrowed down to two key suspects by the time I was a quarter of the way into the book. That said, I also had a really hard time deciding which it could be. The author throws enough twists in that it makes it very hard to decide. As I worked my way farther, I still wasn't sure. For that reason, the ending did have me on my toes. It turned out my suspicions were right, but the author had me second-guessing myself right until the end.

Is this work the money, oh yes! I loved the time I spent with Sienna. I am kind of sad it ended and wouldn't mind returning to her hometown for other novels.


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