The Last Affair by Margot Hunt

Release Date - November 26, 2019

Kicking off the new year on a book that I struggled to finish. Margot Hunt's The Last Affair was too easily guessed. I had the killer figured out from the beginning.

Gwen Landon is dead. The local orthodontist's wife is found dead in their yard. Who killed her and why?

The town hides secrets. Josh Landon spotted his patients' mom at a conference. Nora is a popular food blogger stuck in an unhappy marriage. Josh gets that. His wife is unpleasant. Nora is everything he wants. Soon, the two are in the midst of an affair they can't give up. What Josh doesn't know is that his daughter, who's home after dropping out of college, spied him and Nora together.

Abby left college after finding out her boyfriend and roommate were hooking up. The last thing she will allow is for her father to do the same thing. She makes it her goal to put an end to Josh and Nora's affair.

That's in the past. When Gwen is found in their yard with her head bashed in. Police must look at the town, its residents, and the lies being told.

There is more to the story that you'll come across. Josh is good at his job and has a lot of connections to the community through his work. Gwen is never truly happy in her role and wonders what a life without kids and marriage would have been like. Nora is really starting to love Josh, but she can't keep up the lies. The story starts in the present, winds back six months to the conference, and moves forward from there.

It's detailed writing, but I didn't like any of the characters. I had the killer pegged from the start. I also found myself disinterested in why Gwen was killed. She wasn't a nice person. Her daughter was in serious need of growing up. Nora and Josh could have made everything so easy by admitting they were unhappy in their marriages and ending them first before diving into an affair that brought them both some feelings of shame.

In the end, I didn't find this was a strong example of a psychological thriller. It was too easy to guess. It was a suspense novel with a touch of romance.


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