True to Me (A By the Sea Novel) by Kay Bratt

Release Date - December 10, 2019

After her mother's death, Quinn's world is not the same. She's not ready to move on, yet her boyfriend seems to want her to do just that. Her mother's final words are part of her confusion. Her mother tells her that the man she knew as her absentee father was not her father at all. She's floored and wants to uncover the truth.

Ditching her boyfriend's plans to go to Hawaii with her and turn it into a lavish vacation, Quinn sets off on her own. Before she scatters her mother's ashes, she wants to find out what her mother has kept hidden for so many years. In Hawaii, she dives in to find out the truth and figure out what she wants from her life.

True to Me was sweet and touching. A few tears were shed along the way. The Hawaiian setting was brought to life through the author's words. I even learned a few things along the way.

This isn't a rushed story. It moves along at the right pace without seeming hurried. The big reveal, when it comes, does get the plot moving swifter, but it still never felt rushed. I enjoyed every minute.

While the author's site says it is a standalone novel, the "By the Sea" novel designation makes me think this is the start of a series. I'm not sure where it' will go from here, but I have hopes that it will share the story of Quinn's best friend now. 


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