The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

Release Date - December 30, 2019

Talk about a story with twists. I am usually quick to pick up on things that aren't quite right, but I missed the mark in The Wives.

Thursday loves her husband. Seth is her everything. The problem is that Seth's married to two other women. His father was a polygamist, and he's following in his dad's shoes. Thursday's curiosity is starting to get the better of her, however. She finds one of his other two wives and discovers something about Seth isn't quite right. She's not sure she knows Seth at all.

This book has so many surprises awaiting readers. Thursday is likable, even if you find her to be a little naive for ever entering into such an agreement. The more you get to know her and the other wives, the more twisted the story becomes. I couldn't stop reading and when I finished the last page, I found myself pleasantly surprised by how hard it was to predict anything. I loved it.


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