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True to Me (A By the Sea Novel) by Kay Bratt

Release Date - December 10, 2019 After her mother's death, Quinn's world is not the same. She's not ready to move on, yet her boyfriend seems to want her to do just that. Her mother's final words are part of her confusion. Her mother tells her that the man she knew as her absentee father was not her father at all. She's floored and wants to uncover the truth. Ditching her boyfriend's plans to go to Hawaii with her and turn it into a lavish vacation, Quinn sets off on her own. Before she scatters her mother's ashes, she wants to find out what her mother has kept hidden for so many years. In Hawaii, she dives in to find out the truth and figure out what she wants from her life. True to Me was sweet and touching. A few tears were shed along the way. The Hawaiian setting was brought to life through the author's words. I even learned a few things along the way. This isn't a rushed story. It moves along at the right pace without seeming hurried

The Wives by Tarryn Fisher

Release Date - December 30, 2019 Talk about a story with twists. I am usually quick to pick up on things that aren't quite right, but I missed the mark in The Wives . Thursday loves her husband. Seth is her everything. The problem is that Seth's married to two other women. His father was a polygamist, and he's following in his dad's shoes. Thursday's curiosity is starting to get the better of her, however. She finds one of his other two wives and discovers something about Seth isn't quite right. She's not sure she knows Seth at all. This book has so many surprises awaiting readers. Thursday is likable, even if you find her to be a little naive for ever entering into such an agreement. The more you get to know her and the other wives, the more twisted the story becomes. I couldn't stop reading and when I finished the last page, I found myself pleasantly surprised by how hard it was to predict anything. I loved it.

Husband Material by Emily Belden

Release Date - December 30, 2019 It's been five years since her husband died. Charlotte believes she's moved on until wildfires burn down the mausoleum where her husband's ashes were kept. He's back and she must figure out what to do next. Between her meddlesome former mother-in-law who desperately wants the ashes, the sudden reappearance of her husband's best friend, and a work situation that leads to forced time off, Charlotte needs to step back while she makes one of the hardest decisions of her life. Husband Material is a good read. It's fast and light-hearted. I didn't always connect with the characters. Yet, I didn't want to stop reading either. There are aspects of the story that had me wondering if they were really pertinent to the storyline. There were also aspects that I loved and that kept me involved in finding out exactly what would become of Charlotte and her grief. If you're looking for something that isn't too heavy, th

Safe Harbour by Christina Kilbourne

Release Date - December 10, 2019 Harbour is currently homeless and in Toronto along with her dog. She's only 14, but she needs to keep that fact hidden from those she encounters. It's just a matter of days before her dad arrives with their sailing vessel from Florida. Once he arrives, she can stop living on the streets. As the weeks pass, Harbour finds life a little harder. It's getting colder at night. It's harder to stay dry and warm. Her father gave her a credit card to use until his arrival. When that card is declined while buying foods, Harbour starts to worry. It's been a while since her dad's last call. What's taking her dad so long, why isn't he answering his phone, and why is his card no longer working? I really struggled with the dad in this book. I cannot imagine sending a 14-year-old and family dog all the way from Miami to Toronto alone. The mom in me got angrier and angrier as the story progressed. If you're like me, stick with