Christmas From the Heart by Sheila Roberts

Release Date - September 24, 2019

Many holiday romances come out in the summer when it's just way too early for me. I held off reading Christmas From the Heart for that reason.

Christmas From the Heart's organizer, Livi, relies on donations from Hightower Enterprises. Her charitable organization ensures that everyone in her town has a wonderful Christmas, even if money is tight. When Guy Hightower announces they're no longer able to donate to Christmas From the Heart, Livi is infuriated. This modern-day Scrooge is going to destroy the holidays many in her community deserve.

His company is in shambles, and Guy has to tighten the belt. Getting called out as a miserly jerk is not something he'll stand for. On his way to his mom's house for a holiday gathering, his car breaks down. He finds himself stranded in Pine River, Livi's hometown. Worse, Livi is the woman who comes to his rescue, only she has no idea who he is and he doesn't want to tell her.

When Guy realizes he's falling for Livi, he's stuck. If he tells her who he really is, he'll lose her. Not telling her the truth is also not an option. Can a holiday miracle save the relationship that matters most to him?

Christmas From the Heart is a little slow going. There's definitely a lot going on, but Guy and Livi don't actually meet until my Kindle showed 40% of the book was completed. It takes a bit to get to the actual romance.

Once I reached that point, I found the book hard to put down. It was a touching holiday romance that was perfect for a snowy day. I truly enjoyed every moment with Guy and Livi.


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