A Girl Named Anna by Lizzy Barber

Release Date - September 3, 2019

Rosie's family was never the same after her sister vanished at Astroland, a theme park in the U.S. While 15 years have passed, the family hasn't given up all hope. The anniversary also brings a lot of media attention to the girl's disappearance during a vacation in the U.S. The problem is that after 15 years, the fund keeping the search going is about to be shut down for good. It's tearing Rosie's family apart.

Anna has grown up under the care of a domineering, highly protective mom. The older she gets, the more she thinks there are things her mom keeps from her. On her 18th birthday, a mysterious letter arrives calling her by another name, and that has her questioning everything about her past.

So begins a suspense novel that really isn't that shocking, but it does offer insight into both Anna's and Rosie's struggles to figure out what happened and how to move on in a world full of uncertainty.

Chapters fluidly shift from Rosie to Anna and back. It never feels jarring and the plot moves swiftly. There's a creepiness as certain characters are introduced, and it definitely has that "ripped from the headlines" feel to it. Overall, this is an excellent debut from Lizzy Barber. I'm eager to see what she comes up with next.

Thanks to MIRA for allowing me to be part of MIRA's blog tour for Lizzy Barber's A Girl Named Anna. It's not a book packed with surprises, but it certainly does its part keeping you hooked on Anna's situation.


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