29 Seconds: A Novel by T. M. Logan

Release Date - September 10, 2019

Wow how 29 Seconds ticked me off, brought me to the edge of rage and back. It had me snickering and wanting to cry. It's a book that is maddening, addicting, and oh so satisfying at times. T. M. Logan took me on quite the ride.

Since Sarah's husband, an actor, walked off to be with some other woman, she's done all she can to balance her time with her kids with her job as a professor. Her boss, a positively lecherous creep, doesn't make it easy. The more she refuses his advances, the harder he makes her life. It's a clear-cut case of sexual harassment, one he's used on other young professors, but his connections to so many higher-ups make it impossible to get anyone to take a complaint seriously.

On the way to get her children, Sarah witnesses an attempted kidnapping. The father of that child reaches out to her and makes her an offer she struggling to refuse. To thank her for saving his daughter, all she has to do is call a burner phone with the name of someone she would like to make disappear forever. No questions asked. No way to trace the disappearance back to her. This offer has the chance to get rid of her boss forever.

By the time the proposal is made, I was practically screaming at Sarah to take the offer. T. M. Logan excelled at making Alan Hawthorne a completely creepy, cunning, manipulative, jackass. I was ready to crawl into the book myself and give him the castration he so clearly deserved. I've never hated a character more than I hated him.

Whether she takes the offer or not is up to the reader to find out. I will say this. Read this book. It's a ride you won't soon forget or even want to forget. It was shocking, stunning, and utterly enjoyable.


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