Tangled Threat by Heather Graham

Release Date - August 20, 2019

When you need a short, gripping read, Harlequin Intrigue books often fit the bill. Tangled Threat is one from bestselling author Heather Graham. It's got a lot of characters, but there's a guide to them in the opening.

Twelve years ago, Maura Antrim was with the group that spied the body of a resort worker hanging from the resort's mysterious History Tree. The tree had a spooky history and was one of the main draws for guests of the resort.

That tragic event found Maura and the young man she thought she loved parting ways when he was arrested for the dead woman's murder. Her parents pulled her away and never looked back. She went off to college and he ended up being cleared and going on his own path.

More than a decade has passed. Maura is helping film the resort's, specifically the tree's, haunted past. She bumps into Brock McGovern who is now a talented FBI agent investigating two recent disappearances in that area. There are plenty of suspects and a possible link between things that happened 12 years ago. Brock wants nothing more than to keep Maura safe and uncover the truth.

I struggled a bit with this Heather Graham novel. I usually love her characters, but I never really felt any connection to them this time around. I loved the tree's history. I loved the mystery aspect, but the pacing seemed off. I ended up struggling to finish it, as nothing had me feeling an urge to keep going.

I think part of the problem was that it took a while before there seemed to be any real connection with Maura and Brock. The romance felt secondary to the mystery, and it never quite clicked for me as really having that romantic connection that draws me to romantic suspense. It was okay, but Heather Graham has had stronger romantic suspense novels that I'd recommend reading first.


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