On the Corner of Love and Hate by Nina Bocci

Release Date - August 20, 2019

For more than two decades, Emma Peroni and Cooper Endicott have been friends. Emma's mayor dad and Cooper's governor mom, and the small-town closeness all of the residents of Hope Lake, Pennsylvania enjoy, have meant they've always been tied at the hip.

Emma's dad is ready to retire, and he wants Cooper to continue the work he's done as Hope Lake's mayor. While Cooper is interested, his reputation needs a bit of polishing. He's a bit of a lady's man, and it's gotten him in trouble in the past. Emma's asked to help with Cooper's campaign.

There's a bigger issue as far as Emma is concerned. For all their bickering, she's falling for Cooper. The last thing she needs is to enter into any kind of relationship with him, but it's hard to ignore her feelings as she spends more time working closely with him.

This was a fun romance. On the Corner of Love and Hate is packed with chemistry between Cooper and Emma. Minor characters are equally appealing, and even the brewery made me want to be part of the action. I could easily see myself sitting down to an IPA with Emma.

They may have been a bit blind to their attraction at times, but it kept the intrigue going. One character was not my favorite. You'll get to know Whitney, and I'm still not sure I enjoyed her segments at all. She had little in the way of redeeming qualities.

I was still hooked and had to see if Cooper would win the election and if they'd figure it out. It turned out to be a great choice for a breezy summer day outside. 


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