Layover by David Bell

Release Date - July 2, 2019

While waiting on his flight, Joshua Fields comes across an attractive woman. They share a passionate kiss and he's hooked. She disappears as quickly as she arrived. He makes an uncharacteristic decision to abandon his flight and get on hers instead. Once they've taken off, he goes to find her and she denies knowing him or being who he says she is.

Later, he's in the airport and sees a news alert that the mystery woman is missing. Rather than continue on his business trip, he opts to go to the town she says she's from and do some digging. He wants to find her and find out why she's been reported missing.

I've read several of David Bell's novels. I've found each one to be enjoyable. I liked Layover, but I never loved it. Part of that is that Joshua's behavior seemed out of character. He's been in a relationship that feels safe but doesn't feel permanent to him. He's been doing the same job for years with his dad mentoring him every step of the way. He's used to routines, but he throws it all away for a stranger he kisses once and then denies she knows him?

It seemed odd to me. His insistence on finding her was unusual to me. She made it clear she didn't want him around, he knows something is wrong, but he keeps pushing on no matter what happens, even going against police orders if it comes to it. Without giving away any spoilers, the one thing I did love was the ending. That was exactly how I needed it to end.


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