Gretchen by Shannon Kirk

Release Date - July 23, 2019

I'm still not quite sure how I feel about Gretchen Kirk's Shannon. It started out in a way that had me thinking coming of age and suspense. It ended up taking a dark turn that was all psychological thriller. At that point, I really had tired of the characters and didn't care. Many were making foolish decisions and avoiding the best place to start once things got weird.

For as long as she can remember, Lucy and her mother have been on the run. Whenever anyone gets too close or suggests they recognize one of them, they pack up and disappear again. Now 15, Lucy is growing tired of constantly leaving and having to start all over. Leaving behind her friend on this last move was rough.

Now in New Hampshire, their potential new landlord has a daughter who is the same age as Lucy. This is an incredible chance for her to actually have a friend nearby. Though her mom isn't certain the rental home is right for them, she convinces her mom it is.

While Lucy and her mom have their own secrets, so do Gretchen and her dad. Gretchen starts showing her unusual side each time they get together, and it's starting to worry Lucy. Is it too late to change her mind?

I liked the opening chapters. A mom and daughter on the run. Someone else seeking someone and you can't tell if they're good or evil. I loved that part. Once Gretchen and her dad came into the story, it became almost apparent where this new storyline was heading and I grew to dislike it. So many things stopped making sense to me. The characters started making unrealistic choices and decisions that left me baffled. Some of the actions didn't fit with their characters at all.

As more plots were added, I started to lose interest. I had to struggle to finish reading it, and I found myself far too eager to flip through certain chapters because they seemed unnecessary. It ended up being a disappointment once that happened. It's a shame because I really had loved the opening.


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