The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda

Release Date: June 18, 2019

Most people are aware that I adore Maine. The cover art and picturesque setting in The Last House Guest were reasons I felt compelled to read this book. It's set in a fictional town of Littleport, Maine. Littleport, like many coastal Maine towns, has an entirely different population in the summer months.

Avery Greer has grown up in Littleport. She sees the summer residents come and go. Her friendship with one of them, Sadie Loman, is unusual at best. For years, they've been best friends. It all ends when Sadie is found dead from a suspected suicide. Avery has always believed that determination to be suspicious.

One year after Sadie's death, odd happenings make Avery more convinced than ever before that Sadie's death was no accident. She's convinced that someone is setting it up to make it look like she committed murder, and she'll do whatever it takes to uncover the truth.

There are so many twists in The Last House Guest. I found myself making a few incorrect assumptions along the way. I was thrown when the truth is revealed. That makes this book a win! It's not often that I can't figure out the mystery.

As I read the story and got involved in the town, I couldn't help but feel like I was in a version of Ogunquit or Kennebunkport, but with rockier beaches. I loved that familiar feel. It almost came off like a cross between Ogunquit and Bailey Island, two of my favorite places. If Littleport existed, I could see myself wanting to stay.


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