Jackson: Eternity Springs (The McBrides of Texas) by Emily March

Release Date - June 25, 2019

Jackson is a spin-off from Emily March's Eternity Springs romances. It's the first in the new The McBrides of Texas series. Clearly, it's setting up a lot of stories and catching up readers on other characters. For that reason, there's an awful lot going on. It took a bit for me to settle in and really start to enjoy the story.

Jackson has lost so much. His ex-wife has him in a bitter tug-of-war over their daughter. Plus, while he wrote her songs, she was the star and since these events, he's been unable to do any songwriting. News that he and his cousins have inherited a gorgeous paradise in Texas may be just what he needs for a fresh start.

Caroline Carruthers never expected to become a widow at her age. She married an older man, but she loved him dearly. When he's diagnosed with early-onset dementia, they're both devastated. She moves to Redemption, Texas, to open a book store that's aptly named The Next Chapter. She's ready to start the next chapter of her life.

Both Caroline and Jackson are cautious about starting over, but they can't ignore the attraction they have. Rumors are that Redemption is a place for new chances. Can they really give love a second chance?

Once I'd gotten past all the building up the town and reintroducing certain characters from past books, I settled in and enjoyed a charming romance with plenty of passion, likable characters, and a great location. It's hard not to want to be part of this town. I'm intrigued and can't wait to see what happens next.


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