Before and Again by Barbara Delinsky

Release Date - June 26, 2018

She took her eyes off the road for the briefest of seconds. She never saw the vehicle barreling towards her at twice the speed limit. It doesn't matter for Mackenzie Cooper. That her young daughter died and she lived is torture enough. That the world saw her as an unfit mother who was too busy looking at her dash, which led to new laws about dash displays, that's also torture.

Mackenzie, now Maggie, is starting anew in Vermont. She has friends, a solid job doing makeup at a local spa, and a quiet existence where no one knows about her past. Her ex-husband, brother, mother, and former friends are all in her past where she needs them to be.

It's all threatening to fall apart when her ex-husband shows up after purchasing the inn where she works. Worse, her best friend's son is accused of hacking, which is putting Mackenzie at risk of the media recognizing her.

Before and Again is a touching story. In essence, there's a series in the making with other people in this quiet town hiding from their own troubled pasts. I wouldn't mind returning.

It poses some good questions. Today's cars have dashboard computers that are used for so many things. It's the same as in the past with radio controls. The equipment is there, and it's dangerous if you do use it, yet it is still there. I think many people fall into the guilty column having changed a station (unless you have steering wheel controls). You have GPS maps built into cars to help you get to your destination, but those systems are equally dangerous.

With a strong setting, characters that you do feel for, and very emotional writing. This book ended up being one that I can't believe I struggled to get into before now. I'm glad I didn't give up on it.


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