The Night Before by Wendy Walker

Release Date - May 14, 2019

Laura Lochner is very unlucky in love. Her streak with men has landed her nothing but one wrong choice after another. She's hoping this new guy is going to be her Prince Charming. She may have met him on an online dating site, but he seems perfect.

When Laura never returns home, her sister panics. Something isn't right, and Rosie feels compelled to find her sister. When her sister moved in with them after the last break-up, Rosie has been certain she wasn't told the full story. Something wasn't normal with this failed romance. Her sister's past and tendency to keep secrets suggests that it may not be Laura that's in trouble. It could very well be this mystery man who is in danger.

In The Night Before, the story shifts from past to present and Rosie's point of view to Laura's. I didn't have a hard time keeping up with these changes. I felt it helped keep the tension strong. What I didn't love where the secrets that start getting revealed. Some of them, well one in particular, seemed completely unnecessary.

I love Wendy Walker's books. I've read many and she's on my list of favorite suspense authors. This latest was okay, but I can't say I loved it. It ended up being no more than a good read.


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