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The Liar's Child by Carla Buckley

Release Date - March 12, 2019 I just discovered I never loaded the review for The Liar's Child. My mom's Alzheimer's has led me to a point where I burned out and needed to walk away from everything for a bit - well as much as I can when I'm trying to be with her, run my business, and be there for my kids' big life steps (graduation from college for one and purchase of the first home for another). Sara Lennox moves to North Carolina to escape her past. She doesn't expect to get drawn into her neighbors' lives in their seedy little apartment complex. Pre-teen Cassie and her younger brother Boon seem to be on their own more than they are with their dad, who is doing everything he can to keep his family together. When a hurricane threatens the coast, Cassie and Boon are left alone. Sara makes a rash decision to get the kids and escape the storm. What she does threatens to reveal the secrets she's trying so hard to hide. It also raises questions as t

The Night Before by Wendy Walker

Release Date - May 14, 2019 Laura Lochner is very unlucky in love. Her streak with men has landed her nothing but one wrong choice after another. She's hoping this new guy is going to be her Prince Charming. She may have met him on an online dating site, but he seems perfect. When Laura never returns home, her sister panics. Something isn't right, and Rosie feels compelled to find her sister. When her sister moved in with them after the last break-up, Rosie has been certain she wasn't told the full story. Something wasn't normal with this failed romance. Her sister's past and tendency to keep secrets suggests that it may not be Laura that's in trouble. It could very well be this mystery man who is in danger. In The Night Before, the story shifts from past to present and Rosie's point of view to Laura's. I didn't have a hard time keeping up with these changes. I felt it helped keep the tension strong. What I didn't love where the secrets

The Voice in My Head by Dana Davis

Release Date - May 28, 2019 Dana L. Davis had me hooked from the first page of The Voice in My Head. Indigo is contemplating suicide when she slips and falls. To avoid being committed, she lies to her mom and tells her she was up there to get a photo for her dying twin sister. They're identical twins and Indigo cannot imagine a world without Violet there. In her recovery, Indigo starts hearing a voice. The voice in her head claims to be God. She doesn't want to give her family more reason to think she's crazy, but the voice insists that if she and her family make a trek across states to a rock formation in an Arizona desert, Violet will live. She can't ignore the chance to save her sister. Surprisingly, she convinces her parents, head-strong older sister, quirky preacher, younger brother, brother-in-law, and nephews to go on this bus trip together. The adventures that await them are almost unbelievable, yet it's exactly what the family needs if they want to

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Release Date - May 14, 2019 What a delightful read this was. Her sister is always so lucky. It's almost maddening. Olive Torres has watched Ami win contest after contest. In fact, Ami's luck has paid for most of her wedding. It's almost unbelievable when food poisoning hits all of the guests and wedding party during the wedding. Olive avoided the seafood buffet, so she and the groom's brother were the only ones spared. The issue is Ami happened to win a honeymoon in Hawaii. It's non-refundable, and Ami really wants Olive to go in her place. She looks enough like Ami that they can get away with the swap. Sounds great, right? It would be if it wasn't for the fact that Ami's new brother-in-law gets the second ticket. Olive would rather have teeth pulled than be in Hawaii with Ethan. Olive's currently unemployed and needs a break, so she sucks it up and goes on a dream vacation with her enemy. The problem is that the two may hate each other, but the

The Little Teashop on Main by Jodi Thomas

Release Date - May 7, 2019 Three friends form a life-long friendship before they even start school. It all begins when Zoe's mom invites other girls from her class to a tea party. That forms a tight bond between bubbly Zoe, who dreams of a life in acting; Emily who is a writer at heart but battling mental illness as she gets older; and Shannon, a girl abandoned by her mother but raised under the loving guidance of a military dad and grandmother. After high school, the girls head off on their own, but their reunion tea parties never stop. They've returned once more to deal with one of the biggest tragedies they'll ever face. I loved The Little Teashop on Main . This story is packed with romances that come and go, some that stand the test of time, and plenty of angst and drama that tests them along the path of adulthood. The writing is so engaging, I struggled to put it down for those things like work and household chores that must get done. The story starts with a

The Wish by Patricia Davids

Release Date - April 30, 2019 After her husband dies, Laura Beth Yoder is ready to pack up and move to Ohio. Her home in Cedar Grove is seriously lacking when it comes to single men her age. She wants nothing more than to have a child of her very own, and she'll move if that's what's needed to make her dearest wish come true. After serving his time for a theft he didn't realize he was committing, Joshua King learns his ex-wife had his son. Her dying wish is for him to bring the infant to her parents, parents she hasn't spoken to since she abandoned her Amish home. On the way to them, Josh's car is swept up in a flood. That's how he meets Laura Beth. Laura Beth cannot believe she's found a man and his infant, Caleb, about to get swept away. She takes them into her home and focuses her attention on Caleb. She knows they'll leave eventually, but she's hoping something will happen that will change Josh's mind. She doesn't want to giv