Murder From Scratch by Leslie Karst

Release Date - April 9, 2019

I'm a sucker for culinary mysteries. I never caught wind of Leslie Karst's first Sally Solari Mystery, but that didn't keep me from indulging in Murder From Scratch. Sally's busy running her newly inherited restaurant. Despite a somewhat moody chef and impending partnership deal, she finds herself taking in her distant cousin.

Evelyn's mom died of a drug overdose. Evelyn is blind and found the body when stumbling over her. She's devastated, but there's no family who can take her in except for Sally's dad and he's allergic to dogs. Sally agrees and quickly learns that her cousin is fun, very independent, and an excellent cook.

Soon, the pair realize that Evelyn's mom did not accidentally overdose or commit suicide. She has to have been poisoned intentionally. Police detectives aren't quite as convinced. Sally and her cousin decide it's worth finding what is needed to get the police to open a murder investigation. Doing so might put them in harm's way.

From the beginning, I was hooked. Evelyn is incredibly likable and her insight as a blind person added to the intrigue. Sally had moments where I couldn't believe she was missing obvious things, but that often happens. The mystery keeps you guessing, but it's not impossible to solve either.

As a bonus, there are several recipes at the end. Including one for Evelyn's hand-rolled pasta. I cannot wait to try it!


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