Me For You by Lolly Winston

Release Date - March 12, 2019

You know, I'd heard so many things about Lolly Winston's prior novels that I was dying to see what the buzz is about. I've heard Good Grief is an exceptional book. Maybe I need to try that one. Me For You fell really flat for me and I struggled to finish it.

He's 54 and madly in love with his wife of many years. Rudy wakes up with big plans for a day together. He never suspects that his still sleeping wife is actually dead. Ten months later, he's still uncertain how to move on.

His job playing piano for the shoppers at Nordstrom's helps. It also helps that he's slightly smitten with Sasha, a Hungarian woman who suffers her own secret loss. As she and Rudy get to know each other, they form a friendship that may be what they both need to get through their grief.

Rudy's world explodes when the police come with shocking news. His wife may not have died of natural causes after all. She may have been poisoned. The investigation threatens to turn Rudy's world upside down.

I had a really hard time with this book. I loved Rudy's character. His grief seemed authentic when it came to the effect it has on mental health. I thought Sasha's story ended up being stronger to me. I liked reading about her situation more. Despite the strength of their characters, I always felt like I was muddling through a book that had too much going on and not enough real depth to inspire me to keep reading.


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