Two Missing Person Novels From Karen Ellis

Release Date for A Map of the Dark - January 2, 2018
Release Date for Last Night - February 26, 2019

This review is going to be a little different. I received two books in a newer series. The Searchers takes you to New York City where Detective Lex Cole investigates missing persons cases. He receives a helping hand from FBI agent Elsa Myers.

Elsa's has a lot on her plate right now. Her father is dying. Demons from her childhood won't leave her alone. When she's asked to help Detective Lex Cole investigate a case involving a missing teen girl, she has a hard time saying no. It's the last thing she needs to be doing, but there is a teen missing, and she can't turn her back on a missing girl.

It's not long before several wrong turns lead Lex and Elsa onto a chilling discovery. Elsa becomes more determined than ever to find this girl. Doing so will bring up childhood memories that may be best left buried.

A teen boy with a promising future vanishes and his mom turns to Detective Lex Cole to find him. Titus "Crisp" Crespo has grown up with his Russian mother. His black father has never been part of his life. Shortly after being arrested and subsequently released for trumped-up charges that seem to be solely made because of his skin color, Crisp disappears with a rich girl named Glynnie.

The two decide to visit Glynnie's dealer. As it's in his dad's old neighborhood, Crisp is a little intrigued. Yet, once there, events spiral out of control leading these to the Crisp's disappearance.

I will say that A Map of the Dark had me hooked from the first page. I read this book in one sitting. The pacing, depth of the characters, and tension of the suspense made it impossible to put down. I felt compelled to keep reading until I knew the truth and had learned more about Elsa's background.

Based on the first novel in The Searchers series, I needed to begin Last Night immediately. Here's where a bit of a sophomore slump hit. I didn't connect with the characters. Elsa is a far stronger lead than Lex. I never felt a bond with Crisp. I really didn't care where he was after a several chapters. I hoped it would change after a while, but while I wanted to see what happened, it seemed to drag and I never truly felt a connection that made me want to read it in one sitting.


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