The Stranger Inside by Laura Benedict

Release Date - February 9, 2019

After a short vacation, Kimber Hannon returns to her house, but her keys don't work. None of her keys on any doors work. Her older neighbor comes out and is surprised to see her. She informs Kimber that a man moved in days ago, and he has the signed lease to prove it. While police look over the paperwork, he whispers: "I saw what you did."

Whoever this stranger is, he's out to make Kimber's life a living hell. She senses he is familiar, but she can't figure out why. Not only that, but she's not sure what he saw.

The Stranger Inside starts off at a fast pace. It's clear Kimber has made some really bad choices in her life. Which of them the stranger supposedly saw is the question. It comes down to the secrets everyone keeps.

Kimber isn't always likable, but you have to keep reading. I wasn't shocked at the end, but it did paint a better picture of Kimber and the struggles she faced because of this stranger. I simply cannot imagine being in her shoes.

Laura Benedict's latest checked off a lot of what makes a story so suspenseful. I got emotional, mainly I was angry that people would do things like this to each other. It kept me turning the pages. It took plenty of twists, even if I knew some of them were obvious. It still had me hooked.


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