The Promise by Teresa Driscoll

Release Date - February 7, 2019

Teresa Driscoll's latest, The Promise, focuses on three women. As young teens, they were thrown together in a boarding school dorm. It wasn't long before they'd become best friends. When something happens, they vow to keep it secret.

Fast forward several years. The last time they gathered was for Carol's 30th birthday. A decade has passed, and it's clear Carol wants nothing to do with them. When they get a letter that their old school will soon be demolished, it becomes urgent that they find her. Beth and Sally have tried to put the past behind them and move on with their lives, but this news brings up old memories that they can't ignore. Beth decides to hire a private investigator to find Carol.

He isn't sure why the women are so desperate to locate her. After all, she's made it a point to disappear from their lives. He realizes there must be more to the story than he's being told. But, he's being paid to find this woman, so he'll do it. When threats start pouring in, he starts to wonder what are these women hiding?

The Promise bounces around a bit. You have Beth and Sally, you have the P.I., and you have Beth. They're all telling their stories as best they can. The story also bounces from past to present. While it's easy to tell who is speaking and what time frame you're in, the changes back and forth grew tiring to me. As the big secret was revealed, I really wasn't that surprised, and I really didn't care. That's never a good sign.

I was on the edge of my seat for I Am Watching You. This book never grabbed me with the same intensity. It was okay, but nothing I felt passionately about.


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