The Amish Bachelor's Baby by Jo Ann Brown

Release Date - March 1, 2019

Annie Wagler wants nothing more than to see her twin sister happy. Caleb Hartz falls into that plan. she's convinced the two were meant to be together. When Caleb approaches Annie asking if she'd work with him in the bakery he is about to open, she can't help but say yes. She still thinks her twin would be a better match, but Annie is full of ideas and loves to bake.

When the two find a teen and baby in the closed bakery, they immediately help her. The teen is Caleb's cousin. She's run away and needs a home and help raising a child. Caleb and Annie plan to help and get the bakery open on time, but working closely together may also help form a spark that neither of them can ignore.

The Amish Bachelor's Baby takes place in Vermont, which always intrigues me. Having Amish families living in Southern Vermont seemed odd. I've heard of Amish and Mennonite families in the Northeast Kingdom, but I hadn't heard they also lived in the southern part of the state. I'm wrong. I don't live in either area, so it's not surprising that I have only encountered the Amish a couple of times. In this book, an Amish man and woman open a bakery together, and that's definitely something I haven't heard of. I did a little checking and there is a bakery stand run by an Amish family in the Northeast Kingdom.

It's a gentle romance that moves at a steady pace. I liked the couple, but I did have issues with Annie being more than a little blind. It was clear from the start that Caleb was perfect for her, yet she kept pushing him into situations hoping to get her sister a new beau. That aspect grew tiresome. I still enjoyed the book, but I started to grow impatient with Annie's lack of insight into her own heart's demands.


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