I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella

Release Date - February 5, 2019

Fixie Farr can't let something go without trying to fix it. It's why her family calls her Fixie. The problem is, she seems so intent on fixing everyone else that she never stops to think about herself. It made me dislike her.

Things begin on the day Fixie's mom is having a party. Fixie stops at a coffee shop where a stranger asks her to watch his computer for a second. She ends up saving that computer when a section of the store's roof collapses. With that, the stranger named Seb says he owes her one and hands her his business card.

When Fixie's mom decides it's time to take a break, she joins her sister up on a somewhat lengthy trip to Spain. This leaves her children - Fixie, Nicole, and Jake - in charge of the family-owned kitchen shop. Her siblings have grandiose plans on how to make the already successful store even better. Fixie is great at fixing things, but she sucks at putting her foot down.

The other thing creating issues for Fixie is her brother's long-time friend. Ryan's back in town and Fixie always falls for his charms. When he announces his job in Hollywood is over and he can't find a job, she goes to the stranger in the coffee shop and cashes in the IOU. When Seb fires Ryan unexpectedly, Fixie decides she must fix it. What she learns may be what she needs to decide what she really wants from life.

I adore other Sophie Kinsella books. This time, I have mixed feelings. I liked some of the staff at the kitchen shop. I despised Nicole and Jake. Ryan reminded me a lot of a guy I knew growing up. If fact, if he was based on Dave, I wouldn't be surprised. Dave was also good at using people. It's hard to find anything appealing about Ryan. The key character, though, was the biggest disappointment. Fixie was weak, very weak, which made it hard to feel pity for her. When she finally develops a backbone, I no longer cared.

Did I finish I Owe You One? Yes. I needed to see if Fixie would ever do anything to make me cheer. She does, but it came so late. I wish there had been more focus on her kicking others' behinds and less on how annoying the others could be.


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