Forget You Know Me by Jessica Strawser

Release Date - February 5, 2019

Molly and Liza have been close for as long as they can remember. Molly eventually marries and has kids. Liza has not settled down because she's still searching for Mr. Right.

On one of those nights where they set aside time to video chat, Molly hears a child cry out. Excusing herself for a few minutes, she leaves her laptop open. Liza watches as a masked intruder comes in the backdoor and closes the computer when Liza calls out a warning.

Calling police isn't enough to ease her fears. She calls the police. It's not enough for her, however. She drives to Cincinnati and back to make sure Molly really is okay. When Molly dismisses her without even letting her in the house, she's stunned. She's definitely not prepared for what she finds when she returns to her own home in the city

I expected a suspense novel, but Forget You Know Me was more women's fiction with suspenseful moments. It definitely had creepy moments, but it was more about each woman coming to terms with changes in lifestyles, relationships, and events going back to that evening of the call.

When the story changes to focus more on romantic relationships than the events of that night, I found myself less intrigued. The pace seemed to slow. The mystery of the intruder seemed to become secondary to evolving relationships. I ended up finding it easier to put the book down. It lost the compelling edge that drew me into the story originally. It's still a good read, but I'd say it leans more towards women's fiction than suspense.


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