The Liar's Room by Simon Lelic

Release Date - January 15, 2019

Simon Lelic's The Liar's Room is going to be a tough book for me to review. The tagline describes it pretty well: "Two Liars. One Room. No Way Out." That said, I never truly bought that there was no way out.

I loved Simon Lelic's The New Neighbors. I loved the premise to his latest novel. That said, I'm torn. Susanna Fenton left everything behind 14 years ago. She took her daughter, changed their names, and started life anew. She works as a counselor and believes they've put the past behind them.

One afternoon, Susanna gets a new client. This young man has a secret. Adam seems to know things from Susanna's past. Worse, he threatens the one thing that sparked Susanna's abandonment of her former life. He claims he has her daughter and will kill her if Susanna doesn't play along with whatever he has planned.

I struggled with the first chapters of this book. I really struggled. I didn't see how she was so trapped that she couldn't leave the room. Adult vs. a demented teen when there were others outside of the office who could have called police had she just cued them to her discomfort. I struggled with that, yet I also couldn't stop reading. I had to see if the twist I suspected was coming would be as big a twist as happened in The New Neighbors. I wasn't disappointed.


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