A Slice of Magic by A.G. Mayes

Release Date - January 25, 2019

The first book in the Magic Pie Shop series is being marketed as a romance, I don't agree. It has romantic aspects, but it's a fun cozy mystery.

A Slice of Magic introduces Susanna Daniels. The young woman gets a mysterious message from her cherished Aunt Erma, a woman she hasn't seen in two decades. Erma disappeared without notice when Susanna was just a child. She's missed her and always wondered why Erma abruptly left. The message is simple. Erma needs Susanna to come run her pie shop in Hocus Hills while Erma's away for a few days.

There are two problems with this. Susanna has no experience running a shop. She spends her time fixing issues for homeowners. Home repairs are her forte. The other issue is that Susanna cannot cook. If she tries to help out, she's more likely to burn the kitchen down.

Susanna goes because she wants answers. She wants to know why Erma vanished so many years ago. When she arrives, Erma is missing again and days pass without her return. Susanna's running Erma's pie shop into the ground, and it's clear that forces within the town want her to fail. Something is up and Susanna wants to get to the bottom of it.

This is a cozy mystery with a touch of the paranormal. It's a quick, charming story to read with a touch of romance, but the mystery behind the unusual happenings in the town is the real story. Susanna will learn as she goes, and through that, the reader is kept guessing.


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