Bleak Harbor by Bryan Gruley

Release Date - December 1, 2018

Bleak Harbor comes to life in the summer. Tourists flock to the lakeside town. The annual Dragonfly Festival draws crowds. Restaurants and local businesses start to boom from the influx of people. For Carey and Pete Peters, this summer is going to be a nightmare.

Both are hiding secrets. When Danny, their 16-year-old son, is kidnapped, questions have to get asked. Carey's situation at work and Pete's dealings with a shady local may be to blame. To help find Danny before it's too late, they may have to reveal all.

There are a lot of potential kidnappers in this story. Carey had an affair and is trying to handle the implications of that. She's also kept Danny from knowing his real father, and she wonders if that plays a part. Pete has his own issues and financial issues. The Bleak family, including Carey's mom, are hated by the town. While the Bleak's have amassed a fortune, they shut down businesses and caused many locals to go into financial ruin. Anyone could be behind Danny's kidnapping, though part of that is revealed pretty early into the book.

I liked the setting. I struggled with all the potentials though. So many possible suspects and secrets started to bog me down. For that reason, I struggled to keep reading. By the time the origins of the kidnapping were revealed, I found that I really no longer cared to know more than that. It made it hard to keep going.

That said, I'm glad I did. There are curveballs thrown at you that you don't see coming. The ending had a delightful twist. I can't say this is my favorite read of the year, but it was definitely one that kept me on my toes.


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