Love in Catalina Cove by Brenda Jackson

Release Date: October 30, 2018

I'll start by saying that Love in Catalina Cove has cover art that caught my eye. I love the beach scene painted on the cover. I also found myself immediately liking Vashti's character. She's tough, but she's not so tough it makes her cold and distant. I liked Sawyer, too. As a couple, I really enjoyed them.

Vashti left Catalina Cove, Louisiana, years ago. When she refused to name the father of her unborn child, the entire town turned against her. That child died soon after childbirth, and Vashti left, made a name for herself, and vowed never to return. The only reason she's back now is to sell the inn her aunt left to her. Once that sale is complete, she won't return.

Sawyer and his teen daughter, Jade, have made Catalina Cove their home after Sawyer's wife and Jade's mom died. He's the town's beloved sheriff. He never expects to find himself truly drawn to a woman he pulls over for speeding.

During her return, Vashti is determined to make sure Sawyer is nothing more than a brief fling. She's been in love twice, and both times her heart got badly burned. Three times is not in her future. Meanwhile, her return to town leads to a discovery that she's been lied to for 16 years. These lies have her questioning who she really can trust.

The romance was steamy. The characters, well most of them, were truly enjoyable. Generally, I'd say this was a solid 4-star romance. I have one major issue with it. Without giving away spoilers, things became so coincidental at one point that I had a hard time with the story from there. Read it and you should know what I'm getting at.


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