Dear Santa by Nancy Naigle

Release Date - October 16, 2018

For three generations, Heart of Christmas has sold unique items to the residents and visitors of Pleasant Sands, North Carolina. This year, Angela Carson is struggling to keep her grandmother's store open. A large competitor opened up and is threatening to put her out of business. Out of desperation, Angela listens to her young niece and asks Santa for help.

To make matters worse, the good-looking guy Angela bumps into is her competition. Geoff Paisley and his mom own the Christmas Galore chain. He's in town to make sure his newest location thrives. If it knocks out the competition, that's just an unfortunate side of retail.

When Geoff's mom is hospitalized, he has to take over the new Dear Santa app. Some letters get an automated response, but others get a personalized answer. He finds himself charmed by one letter and keeps talking to the mysterious woman. Little does he know that letter writer is the same angry store owner who blames him for her store being on the verge of closing down.

When the truth is revealed, can Angela and Geoff come up with a way to get past business and continue a relationship that seems too good to give up?

There were so many characters I just didn't like. Angela's sister was miserable. She simply had no supportive qualities at all. Angela loves her shop, but she's so stuck on griping about the competition that she never really takes time to consider other ways to make the shop competitive. Given her interest and knowledge of history, from the beginning, I wondered she didn't convert her business into a history museum. I had a hard time getting past that aspect.

Geoff was a bit of a pompous jerk. I didn't like his "I'm here to dominate the market and if it puts another in financial ruin, so be it" attitude. Good looking or not, as is mentioned a lot, he was a jerk.

I'd love to say that something in the book sparked my interest, but it just never did. I never formed a bond with characters that made me interested in what happened to them. As a result, Dear Santa turned out to be a miss for me. 


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