Why Not Tonight by Susan Mallery

Release Date - September 18, 2018

As a jilted bride, Natalie Kaleta has put her heart and soul into the gallery where she works. Her job has her heading up the mountain to check on Ronan Mitchell. He is a reclusive glass artist. The truth is that Natalie finds him almost scary. It's her job though, and she needs the income to pay off the wedding expenses her groom walked away from.

When a storm causes a mudslide, Natalie's stuck in Ronan's fascinating home. She can't help but admit that there's more to the reclusive man than she expected. In fact, she finds him downright appealing.

Ronan is nursing his own level of hurt. It's a key reason he prefers to be alone. He's not about to make a guest miserable, however. He opens up his home and a bit of his personality to Natalie. It isn't long before he finds himself wishing his attraction to her could be something more. It certainly can't happen though, no matter how much he finds himself wanting to be close to her.

Once Natalie is back in her own home and far from Ronan's, he has plans. He isn't interested in a commitment, but he can't get Natalie out of his mind. She's in agreement that true love doesn't exist, but a little fun never hurt anyone, right?

I loved Why Not Tonight. It's light, humorous at times, and packed with romance. It was a nice change of pace from the string of mysteries and psychological suspense novels I had been reading.

Susan Mallery never fails to create towns that I want to be part of. I could see myself befriending many of the characters. Ronan is probably the most obnoxious, but even he starts to come around and make himself more appealing. I enjoyed every minute of this novel. If you're looking for a warm, comforting novel, this is one to savor.


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