Lies by T.M. Logan

Release Date - September 11, 2018

Love, love, love the premise to Lies, T. M. Logan's debut novel. "What if your whole life was based on lies?" 

That said, I also find that that line alone was one of the reasons I so easily guessed what was going on in this novel. I was prepared for shocking twists, but I had the mystery pegged very early into the story. That was a bit of a letdown.

Joe Lynch and his wife, Mel, have what seems to be the perfect marriage. While driving their son back to the house, young Wills spots his mom's car. They decide to surprise her and follow her to a hotel where they spy her having an argument with Mel's friend's husband. 

When Mel rushes off without acknowledging Joe, he's baffled. He goes to talk to Ben to see what the argument was about. He ends up pushing Ben, who falls and hits his head. Wills has an asthma attack in the process and the inhaler is missing. Joe must choose between getting Wills the help he needs or helping Ben. He opts to save Wills.

After Wills has his asthma treatment, Joe returns to the parking garage where Ben fell. Ben's missing. Joe assumes he was okay. Later, he learns Ben has disappeared.

It isn't long before Joe gets the first of many threatening messages. Ben's being set up and he seems to be helpless to stop it. He doesn't know who to trust, and Mel's told a few lies that could tear the family apart. The life Joe knows is unraveling and he doesn't know how to stop it.

Lies has the potential to be a chilling psychological suspense. It could have been had I not figured it all out. When my Kindle showed I was 11 percent of the way through the book, I'd figured it out. That was disappointing. I hoped I was wrong, but as the story continued, I knew I had it solved.

Joe is kind of a meek character. I wish he'd been a little savvier at picking up the subtle clues around him. He's also a little naive and does things you may find yourself getting annoyed by. Other characters are stronger and had you either loving or hating them. You'll see what I mean as you read the book.

This was a good read, but it was predictable to me. That keeps me from being able to give it a four over three stars.


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