RTR's Review of Good Luck With That by Kristan Higgins

Release Date - August 7, 2018

The bond that Emerson, Georgia, and Marley formed at a camp for overweight girls never eased. Fifteen years later, a tragedy brings them back together. Emerson's death is the unexpected blow, but it's her request to Georgia and Marley that sets things into action. She wants them to take their list of things they want to do and make it come true.

With a list full of tasks like be part of a photo shoot and get a guy to buy your drink, Marley and Georgia feel the list is a little outdated, but they will do anything to honor Emerson's memory.

As they tackle the list, they also face their pasts. Marley has never moved past her young twin sister's death. Georgia's never gotten past the pain she felt growing up with a controlling mother, verbally abusive sibling, and absentee father. For both, the past has done nothing to help them move past poor self-esteem and major mistakes when it comes to relationships. This list might be what it takes to truly make a change.

This book had me snickering, cheering them on, and crying. I got it. I also got mad with it. Emerson clearly is never able to come to terms with her weight. It affects her health. I get it. I hated that no one had looked into the reason she was overweight from the beginning. How parents missed that is beyond me and rather disgusting.

Georgia's mother. I couldn't stand her. I didn't like the brother at all either. She would have been so much better "divorcing" her mother and brother long ago. As a lawyer, she could have kept records of her brother's treatment of her nephew and gone for custody. She should have, too.

Marley was in a very supportive, food fixes everything kind of family. I liked her interactions with her family best, but I hated how blind she was to other things. When she finally catches on, I felt it had been dragging on forever.

I ended up having a love/hate relationship with Good Luck With That. I'm glad things played out as they did, but some characters got away with things I wish they'd been called out on. In the end, my heart broke for Emerson. She had the most poignant of the stories and deserved better.


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