RTR's Book Review of Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris

Release Date: August 28, 2018

Sold On a Monday all starts with a real photograph from the Depression era. A mother is so desperate that she puts her children up for sale.

The story takes this real photograph and spins a story about the lives of those affected by the sale. Reporter Ellis Reed never meant for the photo to get attention. He's seen the pain the Depression and a loss of a child has brought to his family.

Lillian Palmer spots Ellis's photo and slips it to her boss. When that photo leads to Ellis' big break, she's happy for him, but the results of showing that photo to the world are not something she considered. It puts her own secrets at risk of spilling out.

Now that things are spiraling, Lillian and Ellis opt to work together to unravel what exactly became of the children affected most by the photo.

I had a rough time getting into Sold On a Monday. I liked the characters' roles in the story and the premise, but the actual heart of the story doesn't start until several chapters have passed. I felt a bit lost as to the plot until that turn when the story really kicked off. I never bonded with the characters as I'd expected I would. In the end, I stuck with it, but I already know it won't be a story I remember months or years from now. It's good, but it's not memorable.


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