RTR's Book Review of Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey

Release Date - August 21, 2018

Not Her Daughter is Rea Frey's debut fictional novel. It's a gripping story, and the film rights have been acquired by Argent Pictures. It could well end up on the big screen.

Sarah Walker's essentially alone. Her mom left her when she was young. Her dad raised her into the strong young business owner she is today. A chance encounter in an airport leaves her reeling.

Emma Townsend's mother doesn't seem to love her. Emma is a beautiful, precocious child, but her mom has nothing but hateful words and bruises to leave their mark.

Amy Townsend knows she should love her daughter, but something keeps her from being the perfect mom. She struggles with her daughter's beauty and independence.

Once Sarah encounters Emma, she can't seem to let her go. The decision is made to kidnap the young girl. As Sarah and Emma bond during a trip across the U.S., Amy is at home waiting for news on whether her daughter is alive or dead. Public opinion weighs heavily on what Amy might have done to her child. Police continue to investigate. No one knows how it all will play out.

I loved almost everything about Not Her Daughter. I'm not certain I agree with the ending, however. I can't give spoilers, but the ending was a little hard to swallow for me. I see the story from both points, but somehow Emma's father gets forgotten. That's where I had the big issue.

You will sympathize with both Amy and Sarah. Amy is a little tougher to take, but you start to get her issues as you read more. When all is said and done, I liked the book, but the ending just didn't hit the right mark with me.


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