Forbidden Lovers by Kimberley Troutte

Release Date: August 1, 2018

Forbidden Lovers appears to be the first in a series. My assumption is that each sibling will have his or her own romance, I haven't gone to the author's website to confirm this. There is the chance that the series will keep going with cousins and even area visitors over time.

Julia Espinoza fell madly in love with Matt Harper when they were both teens. He abrupt departure always shook her and left her with a broken heart. When Matt left for the military, he felt as though he had no choice. He was heartbroken when Julia married shortly after his departure.

Years have passed. Matt's back in town and wants to get answers to this and another pressing question. Why has his domineering, miserable father suddenly reached out to Matt and his siblings? What on earth could that man want with kids he raised with an iron fist?

Julia is aware that the new stranger in town seems very familiar. When she realizes it's Matt, she's not sure what to do. She's just as drawn to him as she ever was, but he broke her heart once. She's not sure she can take it again.

There were a few things that I really enjoyed with Kimberley Troutte's Harlequin Desire novel. First, it gets right to the action. There are no wishy-washy attitudes at play. Matt wants another chance. Julia wants to believe him and trust in him like she used to. Matt's siblings are introduced and clearly will be getting their own novels. I also found myself wondering how the mystery will play out over time. Mostly, I want to see the town come to life with changes that are in store for everyone.

I love passing time with a quick, powerful romance and that's what Forbidden Lovers offers. It's not a long book, but the story is mostly complete. There is a continuing mystery that will play out over the series. For that reason, I'll keep reading.


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