The Art of Inheriting Secrets by Barbara O'Neal

Release Date - July 17, 2018

After her mother's death, Olivia Shaw is still deeply mourning the loss. She finds herself in England after uncovering a mystery. Her mother owns an English estate and Olivia holds the title of Lady Olivia. She went to England to settle the estate and sell the land and buildings. What she finds is that she's falling in love with the estate and many of the townspeople.

Rosemere holds a lot of secrets, however. In order to get help restoring all the buildings, Olivia must unravel the truth her mother and grandmother spent decades hiding.

The lush setting and descriptions of foods in The Art of Inheriting Secrets had me hooked. I could smell the dampness overtaking the mansion. I could taste the rich spices of the many Indian dishes Olivia eats during her time in England. I loved the romance between Olivia and a man who many say is beneath her newly discovered title.

That said, there were aspects I felt were left open. I don't know if that means a sequel will follow. I hope so. I feared there would be a big revelation into the truth about Olivia's father. I also wanted to know if Olivia would turn things around financially. That didn't get as much attention.

Hopefully, Barbara O'Neal has a sequel in store. If there is to be one, I'll be one of the first in line to buy it.


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