Book Review for Zoje Stage's Baby Teeth

Release Date: July 17, 2018

A child should be a wondrous event. Suzette Jensen suffers from Crohn's Disease. For her, having a child is a risk. She loves her husband, however, and knows he wants a family. With a beautiful baby girl adding to their family, the pair of them are not prepared for parenthood.

At first, Hanna appeared to be an average child. As she grew, she never spoke. Years pass and Hanna still doesn't speak. Thinking she just needs to socialize more, Suzette and Alex enroll Hanna in school. She is kicked out of one school and then the next. Alex blames the school for not understanding Hanna. Suzette thinks there is more going on. She's convinced her daughter is evil.

Little Hanna is as creepy as they come. This child was one of the scariest characters I've encountered in a while. The interactions between Alex and Suzette also add to the story. You have Alex who works long hours so that Suzette can stay home to raise their daughter. He doesn't pick up on subtle cues that the reader does. There's Suzette who is battling her own disease and depression and undeniable love for Alex. She wants to keep her marriage together, but Hanna is equally determined to tear them apart.

I couldn't put Baby Teeth down. It's creepy, gripping, and could continue into future books if the author chose to go that way. I loved it.


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